Mad Viking Beard.Co-Blodorn Beard Balm

Mad Viking Beard.Co-Blodorn Beard Balm

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Blodorn Beard Balm

[Blood-ORN]: The blood eagle, a ritualized method of execution detailed in late skaldic poetry was meant to punish and invoke fear into one’s adversaries.  Our Blodorn Beard Balm is scented with Peppermint, Coffee, and a touch of Pennyroyal essential oils resulting in a one of a kind experience for your beard.

Upon application you will immediately notice the peppermint waking up your skin while creating a cooling effect, all the while getting hints of fresh ground coffee beans.  You will notice more mild coffee undertones throughout the day as the Peppermint fades.  Blodorn is one of our heavier scents and is ideal for business meetings and late night pillaging alike. 

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