Mad Viking Beard.Co-Gungnir Beard Balm

Mad Viking Beard.Co-Gungnir Beard Balm

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GUNG-neer]: Odin’s spear. Odin was no ordinary God, and Gungnir was no ordinary spear.  Created by dwarves, the most skilled smiths in the cosmos, it was said to have ancient runes carved in the tip and was not known to miss it’s mark.  Likewise, Gungnir Beard Balm is no ordinary scent.  It starts off with a release of Lavender and Anise, which swiftly slices into notes of clove, finally striking it’s target with a perfect bass note of Sandalwood!  Gungnir Beard Balm hits the mark, every single time. 

Our proprietary blend of carrier oils with the added benefits of Shea butter, Cocoa butter and beeswax along with Lavender, Anise, Sandalwood, and Clove. 

 Mad Viking Beard Balms are just better for your beard. 

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